The Woman, Meg (sisterfish) wrote,
The Woman, Meg

Looking up....

Okay, I was a whiny girl yesterday. But the day did get better--about the time work ended.

Mark picked me up at 4:45 to head for the pool. I found my goggles and swim cap (craftily hidden in the secret pocket of my backpack--right where I'd tucked them on Saturday) so I was ready to go. We did 14 laps. Woo! And I wasn't nearly as wiped as I was the first two times.

Came home, consoled gymgeek on the demise of his iBook; made dinner and watched Sordid Lives. Mark's a huge Olivia Newton-John fan, and had been threatening us with this movie for a long time. It was cute. How can a movie with white trash, gay boys and Olivia Newton-John go wrong?

Played with the TiVo for a while, time-shifting things that we like to watch, but don't stay up that late anymore.

It was a good evening. :)
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