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It's going to be one of those days.

    Woke up suddenly, realizing that instead of hitting snooze, I'd turned the alarm off, and it was an hour later than we normally get up.

    Discovered, while packing swim stuff, that I think I left my cool new hot pink speedo goggles at the pool on Saturday. Hopefully lost and found will have them.
    Update: Found 'em. Craftily hidden in the secret pocket of my backpack. Right where I put them on Saturday.

    Missed the bus by an intersection, so even later.

    Forgot my access card for the building.

    Salesman are here, and yelling in the hallway.

    Found a job I'd like to apply for, but because we haven't really been doing any hiring, I don't have much recent recruiting experience.

    Getting nervous about why Dad's bank is taking so long to close out his account. It's my own fault for anticipating that money coming quickly.
    1/14/04 Update: Talked with the bank, it's processed and in the mail today! Woo hoo! I just want to get this all finished. Being the "personal representative" takes some work.

    Alex, in Romania, panicking about something. Thank goodness for fax machines, so I can send him the document he forgot to take with him.

    and three overdue library books

    Glass guy that the landlord was going to have come over and fix our broken window is booked up. We're going to go back to the fix it ourselves mode.
    (of course, now, I'm thinking faux stained glass!)

    Payroll screwed up and got live checks rather than direct deposits for commissions, so I need to spend money to fed-ex checks to the regional sales managers.

Oh well, we persevere.
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