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Back to the salt mines.

I think next year, I'm simply going to take the full two weeks off for Christmas and New Years. :)

Back at the salt mines today, but hopefully *crosses fingers and toes* tomorrow is a snow day.

It was a wonderful weekend though.

Saturday, I went lap swimming for the first time in a long, long, long, long time, starting on the work-out path to the Seafair Triathalon in July. I've started the running, started the swimming, and when it's a little warmer will start the bike riding. I am going to do it!

Luckily, I have a good task-master-mentor-friend who will nag me and help me train.

Saturday afternoon was spent in mad preparation for the Epiphany party--watching the weather, and hoping that it wouldn't keep everyone from coming.

It didn't--we had a houseful of people from 6:30 to almost midnight--much food and wine was consumed, many interesting conversations and much fun had by all.

Sunday, we took down the Christmas tree and got everything back into storage, and I hauled my aching legs over to snorklet's for a massage. Akira helped.

Today, I'm hoping (still) for snow. So far, we haven't had any accumulation. But it's in the 20s today, with a warm, wet front coming in. They're forecasting up to a foot of snow. I'm hoping tomorrow is a snow day.

Back to work. Happy New Year!
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