The Woman, Meg (sisterfish) wrote,
The Woman, Meg

Productive Day!

I should not work more often!

We got lots done today.

John had a medical procedure (up to him to explain), we went to Dania for a missing piece for Ms. 's entertainment center, went out for lunch, then down to Ikea (which, oddly enough was not a total zoo). After Ikea, braved the traffic through Southcenter to Target, then home.

Rested a bit (all this productivity is tiring, you know), then off to the post office to mail christmas cards and packages!

Woo! Home for corned beef and cabbage, a couple episodes of Season Three of Babylon 5 (we're so glad we're not having to watch this an episode a week!), and down the hill for more furniture assembly and massage.

Life is good.

And tomorrow, we get to sleep in!
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