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I have a clean house, and 12 dozen assorted cookies in my dining room! I really do love hosting a cookie exchange, even if I get a little frantic right before everyone starts coming over.

This year, I'd decided I'd "cheat" and get an already made veggie-platter at Safeway. Do you think they had any? Nope! So, here I am, as my guests start to arrive, hacking broccoli and slicing red peppers. Oh well, it all works.

12 people, each with 12 dozen (or equivalent amounts in cheesecake or fudge) cookies equals a lot of cookies! It's fun, though. Motivates everyone to bake (some of us, into the wee hours), and leaves you with a big variety.

After the exchange, John and I went with his Mom and Grandma to Bucca di Beppo's for yummy italian food (and enough leftovers for several lunches!). Home, collapsed on the couch and finish the 5th Season of M*A*S*H, then off to Target, to discover the fake tree John wanted was no longer available. So, I think we'll get a small real one.

My friends tease me that I don't have a tree up long enough to enjoy it, but I actually have it up far longer than my mother instilled in me. When I was little, Santa would bring (and deocrate) the tree on Christmas Eve, after I went to bed. As I got older, Dad and I would "help" Santa, by picking up the tree for him, but he still decorated it.

As an adult, I don't always wait until Christmas Eve to put up my tree, and it stays up longer than New Year's Day. New Year's Day tradition in my mother's house? The Rose Parade and taking down the tree. :)

I always leave mine up through Epiphany--and sometimes a little longer.

I bought the cutest little cedar trees at Ikea on Friday night. They're about 10 inches high, fit nicely into a 6 inch pot and look very cheery. All for $1.99! God Bless those Swedish merchandisers.

Okay, time to go pretend I really want to be at work today.


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Dec. 15th, 2003 10:19 am (UTC)
Still wish I could have been there for the party....*sniff* I'll get over it though.

And, as far as trees? Our tradition was to put them up the day after Thanksgiving, and then take them down by Epiphany. Until I started dating Brad back in Grad school--his mom beat it into my head that you needed to take down the tree before New Year's or you'd "drag your old baggage into the new year." Made some sense, but I still ended up with the baggage of her son in the next year...
Dec. 15th, 2003 10:32 am (UTC)
My Dad would love to take the tree down the day after Christmas but my mother and I are very vocal about the fact that it needs to stay up until the Epiphany. Christmas isn't over until the wise men get there!
Dec. 15th, 2003 12:35 pm (UTC)
I'm glad the party went well! Clarica shared her cookies with me, so I feel like I was almost there. :)
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