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Happy, Healthy Kitten

Sophia went to the vet for her 1 year exam yesterday. It doesn't seem possible that she's that old (she was actually a year old in June, but this is the anniversary of when she first got her rabies vaccine) and it doesn't seem possible that I've only had her for a year. She's a spoiled brat and I love her dearly.

I adore my vet, too, who has been known to refer to the kitten as "Miss Kelly", as in "Let's take a look at you, Miss Kelly."

But this morning, Sophia was not her normal bouncing ball of feline energy and I was worried. The vet said it's a fairly normal reaction after vacinations (and this is her first time, as an adult kitty) and that she should be pretty much back to normal by evening--which she was, which made me very happy.

We're having our normal Friday night Kelly girls hang out night at home. John's off playing D&D, there's not much interesting on TV, (although I may watch the encore premiere of 24, simply because I like Keifer Sutherland).

But I think it's an early to bed night. Yard work and housework and soccer tomorrow. Woo hoo!
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