The Woman, Meg (sisterfish) wrote,
The Woman, Meg

What I did this weekend, by Meg.

Stayed up late Friday night with Gordon and Tessa, watching cartoons and Airport 1975.

Got up early on Saturday, went to the gym.

Left for Portland by noon. Made many stops on the way.

Checked into our hotel, got ready for the wedding.

Attended a really, really beautiful, fun, warm wedding. Saw many friends, made new friends.

Waited until the kids left the pool/spa, and then had it all to ourselves for a nice swim and soak.

Watched back to back episodes of Trading Spaces, sprawled across the king-size bed.

Got up early the next morning to dash back to Seattle.

Did master gardener stuff at Bradner Gardens, in the drizzly rain until 4 pm.

Went to Puyallup to work on stuff for my Dad's memorial service. Got way too worked up about it.

Got up this morning to a file that actually worked, finished the program for the service in about 10 minutes, resumed normal life.
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