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Meg Needs a Three Day Weekend.

just in case you have a spare one sitting around.

It was a busy, busy, but fun weekend.

Friday night, Halloween night, we had a grand total of 8 trick or treaters--and enough candy for a small army of them. We stayed home, had a friend over for pizza, and watched really bad movies--Switchblade Sisters, Evil Dead and Bruce Campbell vs The Army of Darkness (the director's cut). It was a great evening! (okay, I kind of slept through part of Army of Darkness, but I don't think I missed much crucial to plot development).

Saturday, we ran errands, traded a stack of used books to Half Price book for one new (used) gardening book, visited with my dad (who was doing okay) and then had family dinner at my sister's. Family dinners in my family are loud, boisterous affairs. We had a good time--and too much turkey!

Sunday, I got up and did volunteer Master Gardening work at a school that is re-creating a native plant habitat. Learned lots about native plants, and had fun working with elementary and college students on the project. Got home, ran more errands, then got ready for They Might Be Giants.

I'd never been to a concert at Sky Church at emp. It's really a really wide hallway, with a stage and awesome light display set along one side.

I thoroughly enjoy TMBG. The crowd was kind of mellow, but I managed to dance through most of the concert, even if it was dancing in place (except for the polka, you have to move a little to polka!). And I finally have a NO t-shirt. :)
It's bright yellow and really obnoxious.

I'm really glad that gymgeek got me listening to more TMBG than the one cd I had when I met him. :)

Today, though, between the dancing and the hillside gardening, I have calves of steel--well, aching steel.


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Nov. 3rd, 2003 10:23 am (UTC)
3-day weekend!
If I wasn't smack in the middle of using my last one until Thanksgiving, I'd let you have mine.

You can still have it, if you do 3 or 4 more loads of laundry, haul out about 2 more bags of trash, and find the coffee table and bar under the piles of stuff....AND the fork and spoon I appear to be missing from the (relatively) new silverware set...
Nov. 3rd, 2003 01:51 pm (UTC)
TMBG! Particle Man! And that Istanbul song! That Tiny Tunes episode with their songs is so good!

I've never actually listened to one of their records though.
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