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Just the way life goes, I guess.

It's been a busy week. At work, our international folks have been visiting, so that's been fun. My boss has removed whatever burr he had in his giddyup last week, and has actually been treating me like a professional resource. I finally finished this incredibly drawn-out process of making a new employee policy manual—it’s in the hands of the printer now.

Homelife has been fairly pre-occupied with my Dad. He's finally out of the hospital, and moved into his new place. Luckily for us, it's in the same facility he was in before, just over on the "more care needed" side. Unfortunately for us, it's still an hour drive down there. We went down last Saturday and packed everything in his studio apartment, in prepartion for his move—but since they didn't have a space yet, we couldn't move it.

On Wednesday, we went down and actually moved all the stuff, and discovered that he has more stuff than he has room for. It's kind of sad, that in the last year, he's gone from sharing a double-wide mobile home with his wife to having one half of a room in a nursing home. I guess that I'm just really happy that he's at a point where he's not sad about it. He's confused most of the time, with flashes of lucidity here and there.

Both he and his roommate slept through us moving furniture, clothes, etc. Old men and little kids—able to sleep through anything!

Tonight, we're having a nice quiet evening at home. I put meatloaf in the crockpot before we left this morning, so I'm anticipating going home to a house that smells of meatloafy-goodness. I think I'll see if I can find a bottle of wine, make some smashed potatoes, and enjoy a home cooked dinner.

Tomorrow, it's running errands (the the talking book library, to the office, back to Puyallup to finish unpacking Dad's stuff, and sorting out the clothes that he no longer needs, to Goodwill, to Bobbi's house, and then home for hockey. (Hockey!!) Sunday, community gardening (rain or shine!) and then friends coming over to carve pumpkins in the evening.

Now, I'm just watching the clock, waiting to get out of here!

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