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Elder Care

Let me just say, having to parent a parent sucks big emotional rocks.

It's hard to be making all these decisions for someone, knowing that he doesn't have any say in the matter. (Maybe it's just karmic payback for "Because I'm your father, that's why!" *grin*)

Just participated in a conference on care-planning for my Dad. He's ready to be released from the hospital, he's reacting well to the medication, but it's pretty clear that we're not going to witness a miracle and get a fully-functioning totally lucid Dad back. But he'll be better, which is good news.

I have high kudos for the social worker/placement person at Auburn Regional, though. She's done a lot of work to help find an appropriate place for him. His current facility has indicated that they're not comfortable in having him come back there. They just don't have the level of care/structure that is best for him.

If we're lucky, she has high praise for the more structured nursing home environment that the sister facility to where Dad is now has (wow, that's a bad sentence). He doesn't need skilled nursing care, but he does need the structure and organized activity that they have. And there's a positive in that some of the staff crosses over, my niece works there, and his friends from Valley West can come visit easily. And it's still very convenient for most of the family, located in Puyallup, and John and I have gotten used to driving down there on a regular basis.

So keep your fingers crossed. We're going to go down and visit tonight.


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Oct. 14th, 2003 09:36 pm (UTC)
Meg, this is really tough. **HUGE HUG** And it sounds like you're getting it together and your Dad is in decent shape as he leaves the hospital. I'm glad to hear the social worker is doing a good job of supporting you -- a good part of the battle is finding the right facility.

I know it will be very very hard for me when my Mom starts to slip away. She has been kinda tenuous for a few years. No amount of preparing yourself makes a difference. There will be a point where I recognize that my Mom has changed for good. Shit.

You take of yourself, eat right, rest, exercise and do some things you enjoy each week. I say this to myself as well.

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