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Random musings...

Sometimes, working with the health care family statistics bugs me, because they really don't accurately reflect reality. Tell me what you think....

Poll #189289 Single, Married, Divorced, or what?

If you're not married, but in a commited relationship, are you

single (but not really)
married (but not in the eyes of the govt or law)
domestically partnered?
shacked up?
thinking it's nobody's business but your own..

So, if you were married, and aren't any longer (and your ex-spouse didn't die a horrible painful death) are you

divorced, for ever and ever
divorced for 1 year, then revert to single
single as soon as the paperwork is final
really really happy

How do you think a company should provide health care benefits?

To whoever you claim as your family
Only to same sex domestic partners, because straight people shacking up *could* get married
only to employees, legal spouses and children
The government should provide health care for everyone
Health care should be totally market driven.


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Oct. 8th, 2003 03:17 pm (UTC)
Don't like your choices either. :)
To question one, I am engaged and shacked up only since that event. That said, I've lived with guys before, and dont' think it's anyone's business anyway. *heh*

Q2 doesn't apply.

My answer to Q3 would be twofold, or perhaps more.
- The government should provide BASIC healthcare and basic dental to everyone. Immunizations, dental fillings, preventative care and the like, including prostate exams, pap smears, etc. I don't want to pay for someone's elective surgery out of taxes, but paying for treatments should be reasonable if the person has no private insurance or cannot afford it. It'd be cheaper in the long run than all the visits to the ER made by the uninsured...plus it's the right thing for an industrialized nation to do.
- Companies should provide access to insurance for employees, and pay for some part (or all) of it, as a basic benefit of working there. They should provide access to insurance for the employee's legal dependents (kids, spouses, other dependents) and probably should pay for some part, though probably not all, of it. They should provide access to insurance for anyone else in the employee's household (living there, don't care if you're legally related or not), but at the employee's expense, unless the company is very generous.

I see no reason companies should foot the bill to insure *anyone* but the employee, but I do see good arguments for footing part of the bill to insure legal dependents, given FMLA and OFLA and fun legislation like that. I see *moral* arguments for footing the bill for domestic partners or poly families, etc, but businesses are businesses, not mechanisms for getting free stuff for your family. But, if they offer it to anyone besides just the employee, they should offer it to anyone in that employee's household, at the very least at their own expense. IMHO...I know HR but I know NOTHING about the insurance industry, so this may be an impractical opinion. ;-)
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