The Woman, Meg (sisterfish) wrote,
The Woman, Meg

Weekend Recap.

The reunion this weekend was my pseudo-20th college reunion. Whitman started doing cluster reunions, so we had a reunion with the classes of 82 and 83. (so it's really only 19 years for the class of 1984). It was a lot of fun, but I'm glad it's over. It was funny, though, having lost 26 pounds, I do weigh almost exactly what I did in college, my hair is similar to what it was in college, and so many people said "You haven't changed much at all!" That was nice. Wait until the 25th, though. Then I'll look different!

Friday night, we had a class of 84 gathering at a small local winery called Abeja . As one of the reunion co-chairs, I had the duty of being a mingler. It was a little strange at times. Lots of the people there were people that I didn't hang out with in college (hell, I didn't hang out with the other reunion co-chair in college, we became friends 5 years later), so it was just small talk and chit chat. But my old friend Liz was there, and a bunch of us ended up outside, around a fire, talking, drinking good wine and having a great time.

Saturday, I got to meet with the President of the College to be thanked for my hard work (and get a $25 gift certificate for the college bookstore! hooray!), and we had a big picnic on campus. It was fun to wander around campus and show John all the old hangouts. Because we're usually doing family stuff in Walla Walla, we'd never really wandered around Whitman. And the weather was gorgeous--low 80s, light breeze, perfect sunny weather. There were even college girls sunbathing in bikinis! In October! (I told John he'd like the campus!)

That afternoon, we went out to Three Rivers Winery, another winery just outside of town, did some tasting and bought a case of red table wine. We now have about 3 cases of wine--I think we're set for winter! We also stopped at two other wineries, L'ecole 41, in Lowden, and Sagelands Vineyards, in Yakima on the way home. We're really liking this buying regional wine thing.

Saturday was an evening event for 82, 83 and 84--and I had no hosting responsibilities, so I just sat and relaxed and caught up with old friends, and ate lots of nibbly cocktail food. It was just a nice, relaxing evening.

Sunday, we got up, had breakfast, and went out to Dad's place to dig lilies. The lavender, I decided, was just an integral part of the landscaping and decided not to dig it out. So I dug quite a few lilies, decided to take the dahlias too. Basically said my goodbyes to the house, which was okay, since it wasn't really *my* house. Oddly enough, it sold Sunday afternoon. My nephew has the money in hand, the guy paid cash, at the asking price. I'm so happy that it's finally done!

Got home, decided that the house was an utter and complete disaster, and settled in for a couple episodes of Stargate SG-1. The house remains a disaster.

Last night, we just had a kick back evening in our disaterous house, went to bed early to get up for the gym this morning.

Tonight, we're running down south to visit with Dad, and maybe get back and start cleaning out the dining room (which has become the repository for all things not in their proper place) and find a good place to store all this wine!

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