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Lazy Day..

I'm cheerfully ignoring the box of tomatoes waiting for me in the utility room.

I did stop and get peppers, garlic, onions and such so that I can make more salsa, but we also picked up Stargate SG-1, Season 4, so we kind of got sucked in....

And now, it's time to go get chicken marinating, then I'll start on a batch of salsa.

Yesterday was a fun day. Active Voice participated in the United Way Day of Caring. While I don't always support the United Way, this project puts direct results into the community and, for me at least, is a great way of volunteering. Our crew of 10 spent the day at Thurgood Marshall Elementary School, working with the YMCA Daycare facility there. We painted, we landscaped, we cleaned. It was good stuff, with visible results. And I have aches and pains to prove I worked hard all day.

Okay, off to the kitchen. My friend who was going to come over today and make salsa couldn't, so I at least have a sparkly clean kitchen to work in. It's a gorgeous day, the cats are bouncing in and out--Batty's lost his collar somewhere, I'll have to go look and see if it's around--and all is well.
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