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Man, when a boss doesn't have enough to do, it's a pain in the ass. But I finally got an "I'll calm down. Keep me informed" so I think the worst of that crisis is over. It's had me hopping for a couple days, though. If I'd wanted to be a firefighter....

Other than that, life goes on. gymgeek's gout attack seems to be diminishing, which is a good thing. We're still researching the on-line sources of what to do/what not to do, and waiting for the information from Group Health.

We bought a new mailbox last night. Yay! No more little crappy black metal mailbox chewing up mail, magazines and hands trying to extract mail or magazines. We also found a perfect present for snorklet.

Out Walk/Running before dawn this morning, the moon was absolutely gorgeous. Just a sliver on the bottom in the eastern sky. I'm discovering as I run more and more of the time, I'm getting a lot farther. I still probably run slower than some people power-walk, but it's okay. Six months ago, I would have told you I couldn't do it....and I can. The planner in me wants to chart out a course to run each morning (I'm doing time more than distance), but the adventurer in me likes just going whichever way seems appealing. I keep finding new houses for sale, too.

Okay, back to the grind stone. Working on print ads for open jobs. Man, print advertising is EXPENSIVE. I've gotten really used to the really cheap on-line advertising, but these 4 need to be print ads.
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