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Weekend Roundup...

Man, I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.

Saturday morning, I got up bright and early (and dragged gymgeek from his warm, cozy slumber) to go work in the Bradner Community Garden. I'd decided at the beginning of the summer that Bradner was were I wanted to do my volunteer work, but the summer just hasn't been cooperative at letting me get out there. I worked for a couple hours in the Urban Demonstration Garden, harvesting food for the Food Bank, weeding and generally taking care. It was good. I'm looking forward to being out there more often.

While I did that, gymgeek ran errands, then came back to pick me up and head down to Puyallup for our eye exams. I really liked this doctor, even if he did utter the dreaded "B" word. Yes, boys and girls, at the ripe, young age of 41, it's time for bifocals. I'm a little traumatized by this, but slowly dealing with it.

After the doctor, we ran down, picked up my Dad, and headed to tarsyddad's house to drop off some nectarines, and visit for a while. Ended up with a literal gallon of cherry tomatoes, yellow pear tomatoes and jalepenos. Mmmm. Fresh off the vine.
gymgeek had a great time, once he discovered the dog would climb the ladder to the playset, and slide down the slide, while chasing the ball. :)

Then, off to gymgeek's folks for relaxing salmon bbq. After dinner, took Dad home, and went back and hung out at the folk's place for a while longer--making it almost midnight when we finally got home.

Sunday morning, we did sleep in a bit, started on laundry and cleaning, and broke off to go have lunch with lirren and her fiance.

Processed 5 pints of quartered tomatoes, just as is, in the pressure cooker John's Mom gave me. (did some research on it, it's most likely from the 40's, but works just fine.) Then, decided to check out Value Village for canning jars--score! 12 quart jars for $.29 each. Came home, and started in on spaghetti sauce, version two. This is the one where you cook down the tomatoes, put them through a food mill, and cook down the puree. The puree (all seasoned, and loaded with onions and peppers) is currently in the fridge, and will resume the cooking down process when I get home tonight. I also have to process the last 5 pounds of romas--which are destined for hot-hot salsa, and decide what I'm doing with that 10 pounds of nectarines I got from unmisha.

Then, when that's all done, I need to reorganize the utility room to put away all of this canned goodness. And decide when I'm going to turn the berries in the freezer into jam!

*yawn* That alarm rang too damned early this morning. I heard the shocking news that Ben and J-Lo are no more, and went back to sleep until almost 6:30.
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