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Stay at home...raise veggies and kittens and babies...

I admit it, sometimes it's a great temptation. Other times not.

Yesterday, though, I thoroughly enjoyed staying home and being domestic all day. My house isn't noticeably cleaner. In fact, the kitchen is probably noticeably disarrayed. But there's 9 quarts of heavenly looking spaghetti sauce sealed on the counter. There's the ingredients for 7 pints of salsa, chopped and waiting in the fridge.
And there's still a little over two boxes of tomatoes to process!

But still, for needing to leave at 2 to go meet John, and go have "Family Dinner" with my dad at his Assisted Living Facility (it's National Assisted Living Celebration Week), it wasn't bad.

There's a lot of chopping and peeling and dicing and mincing that goes into homemade spaghetti sauce. People who know I'm making it keep asking if it's cost effective. I'm not sure that it costs any less than store-bought sauce, but there's definately a greater sense of satisfaction in making it than in buying Paul Newman's sauce.

After I ran out of quart jars (forgot that I'd used most of them for asparagus pickles), I put the leftover sauce into the crockpot to cook down. By the time we get home tonight, it'll have been cooking for 27 hours. It should be rich, tomato-y goodness.

Busy day tomorrow, work party for Master Gardeners, eye doctor appointments for both of us, haircuts for Dad and John, BBQ salmon at John's folks for dinner.
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