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Had a nice, relaxing day.

Slept in, had yummy breakfast at Queen Anne Cafe with John and our friend Mark.

Ran to the vet for the monthly advantage pack, decided it's really past time to explore cheaper on-line options, felt guilty, because I know the cats hate the advantage smell (but love the lack of fleas) and bought a new red leather cat toy...

Headed to Puyallup, stopping to discover that my bank had decided not to keep its normal Saturday hours due to the holiday weekend (and no notice that I saw on the website), and took my Dad for a ride.

He wasn't doing the best when we got there. He'd apparently had a very vivid dream, and was totally convinced that some girl he knew (but couldn't tell us who) had gotten abducted by "a gang of mexicans". He was trying to find help because she was missing. We tried to talk logically about it, and how he knew what he knew...He didn't know it when he went to bed, but did when he got up....I tried to convince him that that had to be a dream. He fussed a bit more, but seemed to accept that...

We drove out towards Mt. Rainier, all the way up to Elbe, stopping to look at Alder Dam, 280 feet of concrete above the riverbed. Pretty massive. It was a gorgeous day for a drive in the mountains. Came back to Puyallup and had pizza for dinner. Dropped Dad back off at his place, and he seemed to still be fairly well-oriented....and hadn't talked about his missing person for hours. It's just so hard to know what's going on in his brain. He gets frustrated with it, too. I know it all seems really real to him, and that he's worried about being nuts.

On the way home, we decided to stop at the SuperMall to go to Gart Sports for some goods. An hour and a half later, and three stores later, we hit the road, with new shoes, new work out clothes, new running socks, new pants (one for now, one optimistically three sizes smaller than what I wear today for this winter!) and the stuff we actually went after.

Home, a couple episodes of Babylon 5, and it's time for bed. :)
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