The Woman, Meg (sisterfish) wrote,
The Woman, Meg

Interview Meme, questions from rubricity

1. What is the best film (excluding Secret Festival films) that you've seen at the Seattle International Film Festival?
There’s…wait, that was a secret film. Or, opps, that was a secret film too. I love the Secret Film Festival. I have to admit that my most memorable films from the festival have been Secret ones. (so you should all go to the Secret Festival). There’ve been some absolutely wonderful non-secret films though. Les Amants du Pont-Neuf with a young Juliette Binoche, the world premiere of Ghost World, Rocco and his Brothers, Gigantic: A Tale of Two Johns and last, but not least, this year’s stellar midnight movie, The Hebrew Hammer, a movie I’m really surprised that they could make in this PC time and age.

2. Why are you a master gardener?
Becoming a master gardener just seemed like a logical thing. It takes my absolute passion for gardening (although you can’t tell it by the condition of my yard right now), and puts it together with the ability to give something back to the community. It was a great education, 13 weeks of pretty intensive classwork, but all summer, I’ve got to hang out with other Master Gardeners and share knowledge with folks. If I didn’t work 8-5, I’d be more involved in the Youth Gardening programs, teaching kids about gardening.

3. Taye Diggs or Chris Judge? Why?
What a hard choice. Chris Judge easily has the best legs ever in the galaxy. But Taye Diggs has such an expressive (not to mention beautiful) face.

4. Why do you love to visit the southwest?
The southwest just has this different, stark beauty to it that I love. It’s so open. There’s a subtlety to the starkness that I adore. A couple years ago, I sat with a friend and watched a storm roll across the Grand Canyon, from the south rim to the north rim. It was indescribly beautiful. I think the openness just highlights the power and glory of nature. It seems a little strange, given the seeming barrenness of much of the landscape, but it appeals to me. That, and it’s hot. I love hot, dry weather. Santa Fe is wonderful because it just exudes history. It’s a town that’s 600 years old. By American standards, that’s positively ancient. It also exudes art galleries, which are fun.

5. If the world were only going to give you one kind of produce, what would you pick? [this may seem familiar to you ...]
I guess that’s a fair turnabout. I think it would have to be peaches. They’re like little bursts of sunshine. Although life without asparagus would be very very sad.
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