The Woman, Meg (sisterfish) wrote,
The Woman, Meg

Interview by gruggach

1) If you could talk to the animals, what would you say, and to what animals would you most like to speak with?
The cats, to learn what the hell they're staring at when they're staring intently at the blank wall? What is it that they see what I can't? And I'd tell Sophia that the gray cat in the china cabinet really isn't another cat, it's her reflection. Wait. I guess I'm assuming that they'll understand and talk back. I really already have these conversations now.

2) Where were you on the night of the 12th, at 7:30 PM?!?!?! Then how do you explain... THIS!?!?!!!! *holds up a small squid*
Uh, really, I was with him. We were moving stuff, and well, the squid stands alone.

3) Have you ever gotten kicks on route 66? or any other route for that matter?
We got very very sleepy on Route 66, right outside Gallup, New Mexico, on our way to Chinle, Arizona one summer. It was very exciting (the almost going off the road, that was). Even more exciting is Route 666, the 6th spur off of Route 66. It was renamed Route 491 a while back, which is sad.

4) Can you recomend a good book for me to read?
Home Cheese Making: 75 Recipes for Home Made Cheese. And then send me an invitation to a cheese and beer party.

Or if you're looking for some history, either Cod or Salt by Mark Kurlansky. Interesting histories of ordinary things.

5) Im looking directly South right now, and waving from my office window. Can you see me? What if I jump up and down and wave both arms? Can you see me now? What if I light myself on fire a scream at the top of my lungs? Can you see me now? What if I were to look at a map and realize that there a lot of miles between our fair cities?
Well, I could see Mt. Baker clearly earlier, and there was this puff of smoke behind it. Was that the volcano venting steam or was that gruggach on fire? Where you wearing purple today? With pudding on your chin?

Remember how it works. If you'd like to be interviewed by me, ask in the comments section. Then post the answer to my questions in your own journal and invite others to be interviewed in turn.
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