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Family Night

Last night turned into even more of a family night than planned.

gymgeek and I headed to Puyallup to go out to dinner with his Grandma. We have a nice, lovely dinner at Applebee's, hit the grocery store, then drop in on my sister and her husband for a few minutes.

Take Grandma home, and the neighbors are in an uproar. Apparently, no one saw her leave, and something about the way the windows were open or something, made them all worried. Her next door neighbor had called over to gymgeek'sfolks (who are actually gone on vacation) and reached his brother, Matt--who'd was at the house. So, just as we got home (after being gone for about 2 hours), Matt was racing over to be sure that everything was okay. I guess it's a good thing that she has neighbors who look out for her.

Stopped in and visited with Daddy for a little while. I think he was really tired, he was a little confused. He thought that maybe he'd ordered a pizza (which he hadn't) and was worried that he didn't have enough money to pay for it (which he didn't). But I think he's okay.
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