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Yesterday's Object Lesson. Look Beyond What You See.

I really like to think of myself who doesn't make rash first impression decisions. Something happened yesterday to make me really think about being sure that I don't let that happen.

There's this older guy who frequently rides the same buses I do.
At first glance, he seems a little not-all-there. He has a fairly high, sing-songy voice, almost always a big happy smile, but just seems a little....different.

For book club this month, I picked a book that I've heard much about, but never read, Henry Miller's Tropic of Cancer. I was on the bus, reading the introduction to the book, when this gentleman asks "How do you like that book".

Now, the cover has a nude woman on the front, so I was almost anticipating someone asking me about it on the bus. And, I've inherited my father's genes for never meeting a stranger, so unless someone is being inappropriate, I'll almost always engage in conversation.

"I'm just reading the introduction, so I really don't know yet."

"Man, that sure caused a stir when it came out. Banned in the US until, what, the 80s? I just finally started reading Darwin's Voyage of the Dawn Beagle. Sure didn't realize it was 7 volumes when I started."

Wow. What an interesting guy. He's in his late 70s, a retired sea-captain. "When you spend lots of time at sea in a ship, you get a lot of time to read". Well-traveled, especially in South/Central America. I'm guessing that he's of native american descent.

I'm looking forward to talking to him again.
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