The Woman, Meg (sisterfish) wrote,
The Woman, Meg

AT&T Can Blow Me.

What a frustrating idiotic thing to have to spend time doing--arguing with AT&T over an incorrect billing.

This is the text of an e-mail sent to AT&T Customer Services today:

I need documentation from AT&T that the $xxxxx billed on 7/30/03 was billed in error.

This amount caused an overdraft of my checking account. The bank has agreed, with documentation from AT&T, to reverse the $18.00 charge.

Some background:
We canceled our long distance services on 6/2/03. We received and paid the 6/05/03 on-line bill.

On 7/5/03, I received another on-line bill. I called customer service, was assured that the service was discontinued, that a credit for the billed amount was being processed, that the account was closed and paid in full. (confirmation # W6xxxxx).

When I discovered the billing yesterday, I called AT&T. I spoke with Janet, who said she'd issue the credit (Conf W68xxxxxx) and advised me to contact Billing to get the documentation. In the course of the next hour, I spoke with 4 different representatives, was hung up on/disconnected 3 times.

Finally, Dana said that she was issuing a credit (confirmation SBRCxxxxx) to zero out the account, and that I should call The Credit Management Center at 1-800-532-7486 for documentation for the bank. Unfortunately, they were closed.

I called them this morning, and they referred me to customer service, indicating that they cannot issue letters. Getting through to customer service again entailed 5 calls (3 hangups). When I got to Alvin, he told me I needed to contact the Credit Management Center. I indicated to him that Credit Management referred me to Customer Service.

I asked him to escalate the situation to a supervisor, and he refused, telling me that the supervisor could not issue documentation, either.

As a last resort, he suggested that I e-mail, and that documentation could be provided that way. Then he attempted to sell me AT&T services, something I'm not very inclined to even consider at this point, despite being a long-time AT&T customer.

This is frustrating, at the very least.

AT&T made an error which impacted me.
I've spent, now, several hours on the phone trying to solve it.
I feel like I’m getting a run around, and that AT&T is either unwilling or unable to address the issue.

Please provide the requested documentation so that I can resolve this situation, and put it behind me.

If you need to contact me during the day, you can reach me at (xxx) xxx- xxxx xxxxx.

Margaret Kelly

*fume* *vent* *fume*

So, we'll see what reply I get to e-mail.

I just couldn't believe the balls of the rep to try to hard-sell me on services. He couldn't/wouldn't solve my problem, wouldn't escalate the issue, but tried to pressure sell me? Forget it!

I can't wait for vacation.
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