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Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

Okay, so I've been reading LiveJournal every day, but just haven't taken the time to update. It's been a busy week!

Last Friday, snorklet and I took the day off and frolicked in the lavender fields. It was gorgeous, hot, sunny, and the smell of lavender on the breeze was amazing. Next year, I want to go over on Friday, spend the night, and do more lavender farms on Saturday!

On Saturday, we had a yard sale in Puyallup, down at gymgeek's folks with the stuff from my mom's house. It was a little hard, at first, to put price tags on stuff that my mother kept and loved, but I got over it. It's not like I didn't get 13 boxes of stuff for myself! We didn't make lots of money, but we did move over half the stuff to new homes. We packed the rest up, and will have Yard Sale, Part Deux, in Seattle the 3rd weekend in August. You know you want to come.

After the sale, gymgeek's dad bbq'd salmon. Yum. I think my Dad really likes hanging out with the Safranek's. He's awfully lonely in his retirement apartment. It's hard for him to make new friends with his poor vision and hearing. But his hearing aide should be here soon, which will help immensely!

Sunday, we relaxed at home. We had this huge honey-do list, but it ended up being a fairly kick back day.

Monday, it was cleaning night. Whee Fun.

Tuesday, Manchester United creamed Glasgow Celtic in an exhibition game at Seahawks Stadium. Almost 67,000 soccer hooligans in Seattle. It was fun. Great soccer, too. Well, at least on Man U's side.

Last night was another stay at home night. I cleaned out and organized the bulging at the seams spice/baking/pasta/tea cabinet. It's so nice and orderly now! And the doors open without fear that something's going to bonk you on the head! Sometimes, it's the little things.

Tonight, Dee-Dee and I are going to the ball game. Looks like it'll be a gorgeous night for baseball. Whee.
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