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And the rocket's red glare....

What a nice holiday we had....

The weather cooperated, too. It seems that 4th of July in Seattle is usually a repeat of some blustery November day. Damp and chilly. But not this year.

Slept in (which for us isn't that late), John fixed breakfast, then I puttered in the yard while John, Gordon and Tessa geeked.
Came in, made fresh pea and pesto pasta salad, made my Patriotic Jello Pie, puttered more in the yard, then walked to a friend's house for a fabulous potluck BBQ and prime fireworks viewing.... I ate way too much, so it was nice to walk home afterwards. We decided that maybe next year, we want to watch the fireworks from kayaks, out off of Alki...

Today, we're headed south, to John's family friend's annual 4th of July celebration...It's so nice that it's only Saturday, so we have a full weekend in front of us!
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