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Happy Solstice!

So it rained a little today---but it didn't rain on our parade.

Had a wonderful day. My friend Carrie, her son and his best friend (young teenagers), snorklet, gymgeek and I went to the Fremont Solstice Parade, and then the Fremont Fair.

The Solstice Parade is always fun. Every entry in it must be people powered, so you get lots of bike riders, walkers and people pushing floats. The "highlight" of the parade is the annual contingent of naked bicycle riders--most of who wear interesting body paint. This year it seemed like there were even more naked bicyclists--which is always cool. Superman and the LadyBug girl got my votes--although the cowboy and the pirate were must amusing eye-candy (with very little paint, but other obvious good features *wink wink*)

After the Parade, we visited the annual seconds sale at the Glass Factory and found a great vase. Of course, they weren't set up to take plastic, so off in search of a cash machine. The rest of the gang headed for Costa Opa's--Fremont's old-time greek restaurant to wait for a table, and John and I went after money.

The first cash machine ran out of money several people just as we got to it. The second cash machine (two blocks away) had a huge line. And by this time, it was raining, in earnest, welcome to Summer!! The third cash machine paid off, and John went back to collect the glasswear, and I headed to Costas so that they wouldn't think we melted in the rain.

Good greek food, and by the time we finished eating, the rain had stopped, and it was perfect weather for strolling the Fremont Fair.

I gave in and got a great velvet hat. It's blue and quite lovely. John got a tattoo. Rhonda also found a new hat--jester style--and a beautiful beaded tank top.

One of the stands had journals made from recycled books--front and back covers from old books, new sheets of paper in the middle and coil bound. I wonder how difficult that would be to do--or how expensive to have done. I may have to consult with kinkos...that would be a cool idea for gifts...

Came home, hung out, figured out that the reason Harry Potter wasn't here was because I had it shipped to my office *GROAN*. Watched Office Space, and now I'm uploading a month's worth of flower photos.

It's been a good day. The neighbors across the alley appear to be having a welcome summer party--there's loud,loud reggae music blaring and the sounds of lots of people enjoying themselves.

Friends coming over for BBQ tomorrow, a trip to home depot for dirt, and going to the gym. That's what's on the docket for Sunday.
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