The Woman, Meg (sisterfish) wrote,
The Woman, Meg

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What a nice evening....

Good dinner out, (mmmm. fresh fish tacos), good company, then coming home to cuddle on the couch and watch hours of Babylon 5 and Stargate SG1 (thank goodness for tv shows on DVD).

I admired Christopher Judge's legs muchly this evening, yes I did.

Herded the cats inside (2 can be bribed, the other just needs to be convinced) and now Sophia and Batty are playing zoom and chase back and forth through the house at breakneck speed. Zoooooom. Chase. Tussle. Zoooooom. Chase. Repeat.

I think it's about time for bed.

Solstice Parade tomorrow! Hooray! Yes, I go mostly for the nekkid bike riders!
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