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In the shape of an X

That's what the suntan lines on my back are....

It was a gorgeous day today, highs in the upper 70s, I think. I headed to Home Depot and Lowes when the Rabidpug Collective invaded to play D&D. I think I went a little wild.

But was I really suposed to resist a Cecile Brunner climbing rose? She's so pretty.

Planted dayliles and more daylilies on the front hill. The daylily sale from B and D Lilies is amazing...I've gotten a total of three dozen daylilies at a fraction of the normal retail cost. And they've been amazingly huge divisions, too.

Added mountain sage and zinnias in between the daylilies (which may or may not bloom this summer, but they'll be pretty foliage), a couple bloody bloody mary geums and was happy to see that the dahlia tuber that I planted late is pushing up foliage!

Redid the front porch pots with happy pink geraniums and purple alyssum, added purple verbena ground cover to replace the old overgrown borage, and lots more.

And best of all, the guys moved the poor bedraggled banana from its too windy location to a happier spot. Now it'll have a chance to become a big happy banana tree.

Time for a shower, application of lotion and bed.

How long until the next three day weekend?
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