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Take bacon, preferrably thick sliced.
Roll in dark brown sugar.
If you feel fancy, add chopped pecans.

Bake, on a rack, over a cookie sheet for 20-25 minutes at 350

I couldn't make that up. Honest.

From The Sweet Potato Queen's Big-Ass Cookbook (and Financial Planner) (a wonderful gift from sisterfish125

gymgeek is still sick. It's unusual for him to be down more than a day, so I'm a little worried. Luckily, hopeyhopey had some free time this afternoon, so she's giving him a ride to the doctor, since upright has been equalling dizzy for him. I hope it's something simple.

What am I going to do with my Tuesday nights, after all these years?
A Sweet Farewell to Buffy.

LJ spellchecker suggests HORSEWHIP for hopeyhopey. This amuses me.

And back to work. :)