The Woman, Meg (sisterfish) wrote,
The Woman, Meg

Busy, busy weekend...

Friday evening, I voyaged, through the downpour, to the Bellevue Galleria, to join a gang of people to see Matrix Reloaded. I enjoyed it. I've been avoiding the reviews so that I'd see it with only my own prejudices, and it worked just fine for me. I was afraid that it would be a total filler movie--just the device to move from Matrix to Whatever the Third Movie is Called--and I think it was more than that. Or maybe that's just my Laurence Fishburne obsession popping through. In any case, I'd easily go see it again. After the movie, we went out for yummy Thai food.

Saturday was the long-awaited excursion to Flower World. Three women, a husband and a child, and lots and lots of nursery to explore. We had a great time, and came home with a substantial haul. I still think that tarsyddad's husband probably wishes I hadn't introduced her to Flower World. :) Oh well. Too late now!

My loot included (there may be more, this is from the top of my head)
2 Brazilian Verbenas
A white dahlia
White and Orange Tuberous Begonias
Yellow straight neck squash
Yellow banana peppers
False Dragonhood
2 Columbines
3 Oriental Poppies
3 Delphiniums
Baby Tears

Then, we headed to McLendon's, site of last year's fabulous deals on Fuschias and Chinese Wisteria. They had a whole new shipment of $3.97 gallon perennials, so I added a couple heucheras (palace purple, and chocolate mint (which is more of a foam-flower) and a baby black dragon butterfly bush. Toss in another two packs of peppers (gypsy bell and japelpeno), bush cucumbers, some monkey flower and torentia and a couple of marguerite daisies, and I had enough to keep me busy for a while.

Came home, hauled the hypertufa pots (which were a brilliant success, btw) to the front yard (they've got another 10 days before I can plant in them) and started plotting what went where. The peppers and cucumbers were easiest, so I popped them in the raised veggie bed, seeded some broccoli raab, some bright lights chard and some carrots. The veggie bed is about full.

Did some other futzing, then gymgeek and I took a nice leisurely walk, and then went to a party.

Sunday, we slept in, then went down and had a leisurely lunch and visit with my dad. Came home, gymgeek had started feeling poorly, so he took a nap, while I puttered outside, planting plants from Saturday's expedition. He revived a bit after his nap, and we schlepped the base of the great big fishtank that we're not ready to commit to setting up (it's an 85 gallon freestanding hexagonal tank) yet to the storage unit. Came home, putzed in the yard some more, then I headed off to snorklet's for a foot reflexology session. I can't tell you how much this rocked. And whether it's the reflexology or coincidence, my stuffed head and ears are much, much clearer today.

Afterwards, we treated ourselves to Taco Del Mar and some Smart One's New York Style Cheesecake.

Got home to discover that my sister was in the hospital, as the result of an auto accident. Apparently, they got fairly t-boned by another pick-up. It was a semi-sideways, almost head-on collision. The front passenger side of his big truck impacted their front passenger side, sending them off the road, into a ditch. The driver said that he'd swerved to miss a dog, but lost control. Sis has a fractured sternum. I figured she hit the steering wheel, but she was in the passenger seat. Seems to be a combination of the side impact, her seat belt and the dashboard. Without the seatbelt, though, she probably would have gone through the windshield. (they have an older truck without passenger airbags--maybe they'll have a newer truck, now). I talked with her a while ago, and she was pretty sick and groggy, the morphine was making her sick to her stomach. They're going to keep her for a day or so, to be sure that she didn't badly bruise anything internally. She really doesn't need this. She's a salesperson, and works almost exclusively on commissions. If she can't work, she doesn't make money. If she can't bend or lift, it's going to make it hard for her to work.

gymgeek still felt under the weather this morning, so he stayed home. I'm at work, wishing I was hom--I have things to plant! Come on! You really think I'd choose paperwork over planting? Oh well. I guess it pays the bills. Speaking of work, I'd better get back to it--so I can leave at 4:30 and go home and play in the yard take care of my sick honey.
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