The Woman, Meg (sisterfish) wrote,
The Woman, Meg

Monday, Monday....

...can't help the day....

It was an interesting weekend. Surprisingly enough, Mother's Day (with the exception of nearly losing it, looking at Mother's Day cards for John's mom) wasn't that bad. It helped to be with people I could laugh with and sitting in the sun at a well-played baseball game.

It surprised me that Mom's birthday on Friday turned out to be tough. She would have been 85, and I'd started planning a surprise party for her. Next Sunday, she and Dad would have celebrated 68 years of marriage.

But all in all, it was a nice weekend.

Saturday, we puttered, I moved some plants, and we headed down to Puyallup (via the storage unit) to hang out with John's folks and celebrate Grandma Jean's birthday. We scored bonus points by giving her a ticket to a Mariner's game in August, when the White Sox are back (and it's warmer!).

Sunday, John, Peter, Dee-Dee and I went to the ball game. It was great fun, great weather and a good game. After that, John and I went up to Coffee Messiah and hung out with the SubG crowd. They all played a Steve Jackson card game. I was a little popped up on cold pills, so I just watched. :)

Got home and declared war on the gypsy moth catepillars that are eating my ornamental plum tree. They really don't like being incinerated. I think we got all the nests out. I need to go get some Btk to spray the rest of the tree with. Icky, icky bugs. But better to kill 'em now than have them eat the rest of the tree.

This afternoon, at long last, I get to have my stitches removed! And there was much rejoicing!! And tomorrow, I get to go home and wait for the landlord and electrician to come over and fix our scarily-wired kitchen fixture...We changed the light bulb, wiggled the fixture a little, and now it blows the circuit in half the house if you turn it on!
Fun times!! (it's supposed to be sunny and close to 70 tomorrow. I really hate *wink wink* having to be home, and out of the way (I think the yard will be out of the way enough) *wink wink*
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