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Sitting here, dreaming about the weekend, and making lists of the things I need/want to do. Most of them involve working in my yard....

--plant nasturiums
--turn over sod on the front hill to create cutting garden
--plant new lilies
--stake already growing lilies
--plant phlox, globe thistle, fern flowers, move primroses to back yard
--seed carrots, reseed spinach, reseed sweet peas, seed welsh poppies in the shady corner, move existing plants to cover the poor, slug-eaten one
--slug bait
--mulch for back beds
--decide about bananas (I think they're in a too windy spot, the leaves are getting mangled..I either need to move them, or find a new home for them.
--go to the baseball game.
--bbq at John's folks house
--Grandma Jean's birthday
--Mother's Day.

Nope, not a busy weekend at all. ;)

Just have to get through this day.


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May. 9th, 2003 11:51 am (UTC)
my garden day dreams are...

plant bamboo in the back, near Bonsai barn
set up pedastels for bonsai
plant Lady's Mantle along the berm
enjoy irises on my birthday

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