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Your Sexual Energy is Magenta!

You ooze passion and love, as well as a romantic sensuality.

Your strength is the intensity of your passion - it can last forever.

You can stay with the same lover for months, and every day still feels new.

You crave closeness - intimacy is your path to incredible sex.

Foreplay is your speciality - little whispers, touches, and kisses.

You have the ability to bring passion to any situation.

As for finding lovers, you usually don't find yourself needing a lover.

Chances are that you've been with the same person for quite a while.

If you seek someone new, you usually date traditionally - until you find a spark.

Challenging your passionate approach to sexuality could spice things up.

Try having sex with someone you think is hot, although not "the one"

Seduce a complete stranger (or two) for some intense anonymous sex!

Magenta sexual energies include Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston.

For the best match, look for people with pink, red, and yellow sexual energies.

What Color is Your Sexual Energy?

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Quiz answers are work-safe, going to the quiz site to find your own color is most likely not...of course, depending on where you work...
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