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is the sound the scapel makes biopsying a mole on my back.

It was kind of interesting, not seeing it, just feeling the movement around the numb place on my back.
Now, a couple hours until the numbness wears off, a few days for pathology, and 14 days to get the stitches out.

Dad had what the doctor termed a "mini-stroke" last night/this morning. It didn't do any serious damage, just made him fairly discombubulated this morning. He couldn't remember why he was living in Puyallup, where his wife was, where is apartment was, etc. It was frightening. But by 1 p.m., after he'd finished with the doctor, he was pretty well orientated and lucid again. The doctor says that while the brain figures out how to repair itself, things go a little haywire. Fortunately, this isn't a precursor to a bigger, more disabling stroke, but unfortunately, we don't know if or when it might happen again.

Anyway, a busy medical day in the life of the Kelly family.

Off for nice red wine, pasta and dinner with my sweetie.
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