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Cleaning and Slaying Dragons.

Just in case I haven't mentioned it lately, gymgeek rocks my world. He keeps me calm, tells me things will be okay, and motivates me to get the things done that I need to do. I'm a lucky girl.

Last night was fraught with domesticity. Sadie ate something that didn't agree with her, and managed to put cat puke on a pile of board games. Not a happy thing. Cleaning that up lead to a general cleaning mode.

Ate dinner, watched a couple episodes of Angel, and then attacked the kitchen. The microwave appears to have died (again, it died once, and resurrected itself, but this time it seems really and truly dead), so we cleared it out. We've become a microwaveless house. And man, oh man, did that open up a lot of counter space.
It's really nice.

Next area of attack--the shelves over the refrigerator.

Tomorrow is St. George's Day and Secretaries' Day (pc-ly renamed Administrative Professionals' Day). Many of the secretaries/admin professionals I know do spend their time slaying dragons of one sort or another, so it's really very apt.
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