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Banned from baseball...

My sister says I'm now banned from Safeco Field, since the Mariner's lost both times I've gone to see them this year (last night, snapping a 4 game winning streak). But at the same time, every time I go to Safeco, the Cubbies win, so there's some overall good!

Fun game last night, Dee-Dee and Linda are great to go to games with.
I think I'm over the garlic fries for a while, though. Man, that's a lot of garlic. No vampires coming after me today!

Looking forward to an evening of simply being at home tonight. Greek food is on the agenda, some housecleaning (lord knows it needs it, I don't know *what* the cats do all day, but cleaning house is not on the list), and early to bed.

I'm avoiding a project that I need to do at work. I need to buckle down and just do it, then it's no longer looming out there. No time like the last minute, you know?

The ankle's better. I'm getting better with the cane, but still feel like an old woman. But the swelling is mostly gone--it's just that sometimes it feels like my foot is attached with rubber bands rather than muscle and such. It'll get better. It'll just take time. (repeat to myself: Patience, Meg, Patience).


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Apr. 18th, 2003 08:53 am (UTC)
When muscle tissue is injured, it's replaced by connective tissue which is stronger, but not nearly as flexible. Wrap that cane in purple sparkly tape, and take it easy to give that ankle maximum time to heal!
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