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Not being able to walk at will is BORING.

I didn't work at the plant sale yesterday or today, which makes me sad.
I haven't been to the plant sale, which makes me even sadder.
I spent most of yesterday on the sofa, with my ankle up on pillows.

It doesn't hurt as much, but it gets tired between here and the kitchen.
And the bruises are quite interesting stripes of purple and red.

And today, even though it's rainy, it'd be nice to get out in the garden. I'm going to try it, I think, I just need to be really slow and careful.

I'm not a really good patient, either. I admit it.
gymgeek has been wonderful about waiting on me and making things easier for me. But I'm still really impatient with not being able to move easily.

Okay, enough whining. Time to get started, since we slept in to the deliciously late hour of after 10 a.m.!
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