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Lots and lots and lots of garden pictures...Hey, it was nice outside.

Lots and lots of pictures from the yard. Some exciting, some exciting only to me.

Daffodils on the front hill. Some short white tulips in there, too.

Here’s the veggie bed we build last weekend. It’s not really uneven, I just haven’t leveled out underneath it yet. It’s 8 by 4 by 20 inches high. I can’t wait to get it filled and planted! It’s destined to be a dark mossy green, with copper flashing over the edges—hopefully to act as a slug barrier.

Pieris japonica We have half a dozen of these throughout the yard. They’re so pretty in the spring.

“Miss Kim” a syringa vulgaris French hybrid lilac. She’s been happily growing in this pot for a couple years. She only gets about 3-4 feet high and smells heavenly when she blooms.

Bearded Iris, divided and moved last fall. Last years freesia decided to sprout in FEBRUARY!

A happy artichoke

Miniature Iris. They bloom a dark, dark red.

I adore this lantern. The moss on it is beautiful.

Up close.

Rosemary in bloom

Lush Daylilies

Peonies and Tulips

Succulent seedum bowl

My new birdbath (a gift from gymgeek’s folks. The cats think it’s quite handy as a drinking fountain, too.

Bishops Weed springing its little heads.

Frogs! Leaping into the back yard!

Bleeding hearts in the front yard, tucked under more Pieris japonica.

This lavender is way ahead of season. It’s already putting out heads. Silly plant!

This is the borage that will not die! Which is a good thing. It’s about 2 ½ feet tall. Tulips are coming up around it.

Bright happy shiny columbine leaves.

The camellia next door.

Garden Art and Eucalpytus tree.

Soon, we’ll actually have the website up and running, so it’ll just be one link. YAY! gymgeek is building me a nifty way to show pictures. It's so nice to have a resident geek. :)
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