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It's been a long week...

Things I did, in no particular order:

  • planted 27 lily bulbs, 2 dicentras, moved 5 peonies;
  • fought with my mother;
  • played with the cats;
  • finished the first draft of the new employee handbook (which got good reviews from the attorney);
  • decided that my mother's purpose in life was to drive me insane;
  • saw the dermatologist, get to have a mole removed from my back;
  • got a "lecture" about sunscreen and moisturizer and a medication that interacts poorly with my other medications;
  • did interval training on the treadmill, including minute bursts of running!;
  • joined up for the 2003 Self Challenge;
  • read 3/4 of Christopher Moore's new book Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal and laughed, lots;
  • painted my fingernails bright sparkly pink in honor of Barbie's 44th Birthday;
  • learned more about pruning than any city girl should know;
  • watched, in vain, for snow;
  • ranted and raved a lot about my mother (thanks to everyone who listened);
  • had lunch with friends;
  • rolled out the open enrollment plan for health care benefits;
  • decided I need to take a yoga class;
  • planted my new evergreen daylily in the day lily bed;
  • adore my honey for agreeing to let me put a greenhouse in the kitchen for the next several weeks;
    and lots lots more.

It's been a busy stressful week has got to be better.
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