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Weekend Update

What I did this weekend, by Meg.

-- Left the office at noon.
-- Took Squeakers to lunch at the top of the Space Needle.
-- Went 360 almost twice.
-- Played in the Fountain at Seattle Center.
-- Took the Monorail downtown.
-- Wandered.
-- Went to the Market and bought stuff.
-- Wandered.
-- Went to the Bon for girl shopping (ask Jen about the feathered dress!)
-- Home to meet Prophet & Johnstown Survivor for dinner.
-- Dinner out.
-- Showed off the Floating Bridge.
-- Dropped Gordon off.
-- Home and collapse.

-- Early morning nookie.
-- Up early for a ferry boat ride.
-- Took Jen to the wonder that is Ikea.
-- Home to meet the boys to go ride the Duck.
-- Got there, discovered they'd sold the whole Duck to a private group.
-- Went to Toys in Babeland instead.
-- Sent Jen off with Kris et al for dinner.
-- John & I went to play soccer (dropping Gordon off on the way)
-- Dinner out, after soccer.
-- Home to collapse.
-- Got up at the butt crack of dawn to get Jen to the airport by 6 a.m.
-- Had our vehicle searched by a cop with really cute legs.
-- Dropped Jen off.
-- Went home, back to bed.
-- Got up, ran errands (Home Depot, etc) went over to Johns.
-- Went out to dinner with House Virgule residents.
-- Home to do laundry
-- Out for Karoke at Ozzies.
-- Home and collapse.

It was a good weekend!
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