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Flower & Garden Show Recap.

I went armed wth a list, and the advantage have cruised the shopping on Wednesday.

Lilies. Check. Whoa. Buy two collections, get a third free. Wee. Wait. A tree peony, that healthy, that many buds for $8.00? Then at the checkout, spend $40 get a collection for $10. Dicker, dicker for the other collection I wanted. $5 for 9 lily bulbs? Deal. Done. (for those keeping track, that's 18 oriental lilies and 9 asiatics). And a tree peony.

Daylilies: Check. I didn't see my usual downfall, er, grower. So only one new daylily for the patch...a pretty lavendar and gold one...

Dahlias: No check. Just not in the mood for them, or something. I'll order from Connell's or Swan Island when I'm sure what I want. (and where they're going to fit in, among the lilies).

Clematis. Okay, so not on the original list, but on the general "things i want for the garden this year"list.
One blue double, one purple single, and a really wicked gold and purple one.

Greenhouse. Definately not on the original list, but a good deal. (not a hard sided greenhouse, but a frame with a cover---and for less than half of what I'd seen them at).

Definately a fun day. Many thanks to hiddeneye for coming up and having fun with me.
I'm already plotting my trip down south for heirloom roses (yes, I ordered the new catalog today!)

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