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Weekly Round-up.

Where were these when we needed them? Bittersweets

What a week. You'd think that I spent a lot longer than two days in the office, the way I'm complaining about it.

Last weekend was a high-parent-content weekend. Saturday, we lazed around, and didn't get a whole lot done, but it was a nice, peaceful day.

Sunday, we headed to my folks first, and went out for lunch, then home to balance mom's checkbook and pay some bills. Then, we're off to gymgeek's folks. His mom's birthday is 2/14, so it was birthday dinner for her. She's moving remarkably well for someone who's had two major joint replacements in the last month! She says the added bonus is losing 30 pounds, too! She's working not to put them back on.

Stayed late, watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and decided to spend the night, since we didn't have to work on Monday. Got up Monday morning, and just hung out all day--we finally headed for home about 6 p.m.---after having yummy lobster bisque (it's nice having a chef for an almost brother-in-law).

Tuesday was class day--learning about plant diseases. Woo!

Wednesday, I took the day off and went to The Flower Show with my mom. Rented a wheelchair and voila! We were off. I've totally discovered that my mother has reached that stage of old-lady-ness where she has absolutely no inner monologue. It's kind of like being with a kid who says the things that just aren't quite appropriate to be said outloud in public. And man, on man, people are just so unaware of a person in a wheelchair...and don't realize that it sticks out in front, too! It's way too easy, as the pusher, to be taking out people's ankles. Good exercise for me, though, pushing her for hours. My shoulders were a little protesty the next day.

But we had a great time. I thought we'd be there for a couple hours, then go up to our house for a couple hours, then over to pick up John from work. Instead, we were at the flower show for nearly 6 1/2 hours! So all that cleaning we did Monday night and Tuesday? All for us!

My sweetie is home sick. He's got a mild flu bug, but he's taken yesterday and today off to be home, horizontal. I babied him last night, with all the comfort food he wanted: mac & cheese, that ambrosia jello stuff, fizzy water and donettes. And left him well supplied with chicken noodle soup and OJ for the day. I think he'll finish Season 3 of MASH (which came Wednesday) by the end of the day. :) And it's Date Night tonight. We're having pizza and movies in.

Saturday, we're having a family cake and ice-cream get together for Dad's 89th birthday--thankfully not at our house. My family is just way too big to all fit in our little bungalow of love.

Sunday, I'm going back to The Flower Show with hiddeneye and tarsyddad. I didn't do much shopping on Wednesday, but all bets are off for Sunday. I still think I really want a weeping cherry tree for the front patio. And my co-worker who went to the show last night might have a little shopping assignment for me, too. It's going to be fun! I didn't take any pictures on Wednesday either, so I'm going to try to do that on Sunday.

Now, it's time for lunch. Yay!
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