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Pro-Peace Signage...

Yesterday afternoon, the pro-peace, anti-war folks had signs on the corner as we drove by.

We got home, unloaded groceries, and I headed out to get new signs to replace my "missing" ones.
(Yes, I'm still ticked about it!) They had left! Bummer.

But I found a place on the web where I could print my own sign. It's only 8.5 x 11, but it's in the window.

They also had lists of places where you can pick up lawn signs, so I may run out and get more today.

Other than that, yesterday was a nice, low-key day. We took some stuff to storage, arranged to move into a bigger storage unit (unfortunately, the perfect one across the hall was also more than double the cost, but we'll survive with a different one, at only a slight increase), did grocery shopping, did laundry, and just puttered around.

Went over to Brady & Mario's for dinner, which was lovely, and watched Absolutely Fabulous Goes to New York City. Hysterical! And there's leftovers from the apple crisp I made for dessert, so I'm thinking that's breakfast!

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