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Hooray for Friday!

Is it just me, or has it been a long week?

I spent a very enjoyable evening out with my friend Bridget last night. It's fun to just drink beer, people watch and girl talk. I'm going to really miss her when she moves to LA. But then again, there's a very good excuse to go to LA, especially when she finds a place near the beach.

Got home, read about 2.5 pages of my new Real Simple before I crashed (I'm so out of drinking shape!--Honey, we need to drink more!). Woke up when John came to bed, still dressed, just snuggled under the covers with the cat.

Today, I'm working on the thrilling stuff that is Contribution Compliance Testing for our 401(k) plan. B.O.R.I.N.G.

But this afternoon, I'm going to a lecture at UW (given by a college friend), crashing his reception, and then meeting him and other college friends for drinks tonight. (Honey, we're going to drink more!).

And this weekend, very very few plans, which is very very nice.
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