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Man, it's gray out there.

I was hoping for some clear weather this weekend to work in the yard, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen. Oh well, it could be very much worse...I'm not going to complain (that much) about 50 and raining.

Just realized that Sunday is the 12 week mark before Seattle's average last frost, which means it's time to seriously start looking at all those seeds I've accumlated, and start figuring out how I'm going to get things started. I think the a corner of the kitchen might be turning into a seed factory....which actually could be kind of fun! I wanted to get a little coldframe this year, but it hasn't happened...

Time to spend some time planning this year's adventures with plants.

I also need to do some planning on rearranging the office---yes, again. We have a 29 gallon fishtank (home to lots and lots of fancy tail guppies) that seems to be prolific at growing algae. Seems like the natural light it's getting might be a bad thing, so rather than only rely on chemical treatment, we're going to try moving it. This actually might result in more bookshelf space (well, after a supplementary Ivar run to Ikea) which is always a good thing.

Last night's borscht was a bust. It was an okay soup, but it wasn't really borscht, despite the recipe claim. Not enough beets to give it that beety-richness. Oh well, live and learn.

Time to go reorganize some more employee files. Oh the joy and bliss. (yes lirrin, I'm finally reorganizing the way we used to do them at NewVector/US West Cellular/Airtouch/Verizon (depending on your tenure!) rather than just massive file folders with nothing attached!)
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