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I should be packing!

It's been a busy week, and suddenly, it's Sunday, and we're less than two hours away from leaving for Las Vegas (and no, for those of you who care, we're not getting married this trip!)

My bestest friend who isn't my honey is turning 40. We're going to Las Vegas to celebrate in style. I envision dancing boys, contortionists and outlet shopping. Retail therapy (especially at 75% off) helps when you turn 40.

So, busy week.

Tuesday was the start of Master Gardener's class. It's going to be lots of fun, and actually quite a bit of work. There's a lot of mandatory reading, testing and lots of information shoveled to us in 11 weeks. I love it. About 100 people in the session to start, they predict that 80% of us will finish it.

Wednesday Panic at work that I'm not going to get everything packed before moving day.
Being the last person standing from a formerly 5 person HR department, I had a lot of everyone else's old stuff to go through prior to the move. Lots of trips down memory lane sorting those files, let me tell you. And shredder bins---my personal saviours of the moment.

Thursday Half a day of work, lots of time in the car, and a trip to an attorney who specializes in Elderlaw with my mom, my sister and my niece to discuss the best ways to get Mom enrolled in programs that can help her out. My mother, being 84, is adamantly opposed to anything that she considers "Welfare" or "Charity", and her definitions are pretty broad. Fortunately, she liked the attorney (who is in his late 60s, early 70s), and we got some good options for them.

I also truly discovered that the commute from Sumner to Totem Lake would suck rocks.

Friday Pack. Pack. Pack. I got all my worldly work belongings into 20 boxes. What can I say? Human Resources generates paper. Now, if I'm lucky, all 20 boxes will be in my new office when I return next week.

Friday night: Henry Rollins. *swoon* That man is intelligent, articulate, funny and built like a brickhouse. Mmmmm.

Saturday Parent's Day! Spent the afternoon with my folks, the evening with gymgeek's. His dad made Pheasant Supreme, which I've been hearing about for years.
It was quite yummy.

Now We need to be gone in 90 minutes. I need to get dressed and finish packing, getting the cats prepared, etc. etc.

Whew. This weekly round-up brought to you courtesy of fuzzy kittens, soil science and the letter "R".
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