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Not for the Lactose-Intolerant.....

It didn't start out to be a cheesey party, but that's how it ended up.

Suddenly, yesterday afternoon, I panicked, that I'd invited folks over at dinnertime, I'd probably better have something dinner-like.
Mac & cheese (the homemade kind, with butter and milk and cups and cups of shredded cheese) seemed to be quick, easy and good.

We'd planned to have sweet and savory brie (one with roasted garlic and basalmic vinegar, the other with orange marmalade, pecans and brown sugar), and somewhere picked up some boursin. Yummy cheese appetizers.

And then for dessert? Really, it was just coincidental that we had cheesecake.

(there were some uncheesy things, too, but mostly it was the cheese that stood alone!)

And since less people than expected came to visit, we have lots of cheesy-goodness leftovers.
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