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It's all in the communication........

I hate, hate, hate the way communication breaks down in large corporations.

On Monday, I was asked, then informed that this transitionary payroll would be handled in a certain way. It was fine with me, I know that they (the NEC Payroll department) are swamped with year end things, and besides, this was an immediate good thing for my employees.

On Thursday, after the holiday, I informed everyone of our good fortune (a 24 hour payroll adjustment that affects half of the employee base would be put off until 1/31).

Today is payday. What do we discover? They went ahead and made the 24 hour adjustment with this payroll, WITHOUT TELLING ME, so everyone feels like they were short-paid--including me!

All it would have taken was an e-mail saying "You know, we were able to get that adjustment in, we're sticking with the original plan", and I'd have been the only person who ever would have known.

I hate having the responsibility for something without the authority to fix things and/or determine policy. I hate it.
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