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Color Me Tourist!

Today we played tourist deluxe.

    First, we went to buffet breakfast at The Empress Hotel.
    Then we went to Lush and shopped.
    Then on to Eaton Center for more shopping.
    Back to the hotel for warmer clothes and more comfy shoes, and then we went to The Royal Wax Museum I never realized how she got her start making wax figures. Kind of gruesome--she was imprisoned, and given the task of making death masks, in wax, of important people who were executed.
    Next stop, the Undersea Garden, which is basically a huge underwater aquarium. They have a diver who goes down in the tank and points out the different animals, including crabs (big ones!), starfish, different kinds of fish (HUGE red snappers), a wolf eel and an octopus. The aquariums were lots of fun, it's different seeing aquariums of non-tropical fish. Lots of smolt, which look like liquid silver, and more starfish and anenomes than you can shake a stick at.
    Off to the French chocolatier. One word: YUM! (we're going back tomorrow for more...)
    Then we indulged my inner garden tourist by going to The Crystal Garden, a large, tropical conservatory with lots of tropical birds and plants.

Now, we're back relaxing, and I'm about to go get dressed in my new skirt....a flippy stretch velvet thing I found at Cotton Ginny.......(I love Cotton Ginny. I wish they were in the states!). gymgeek looks quite dapper in his olive silk shirt. I have to wear heels tonight. At 5'2, I'm nearly a good foot shorter than everyone else in the family!
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