The Woman, Meg (sisterfish) wrote,
The Woman, Meg

Moving slowly!!!

It's the epitome of lazy weekends. And it's an ultra-long lazy weekend....

The only reason I know that it's Monday is that there aren't as many cartoons on TV and the work crew jackhammering across the street is back (they were here on Friday, but gone for the weekend).

We made it to the Royal BC Museum yesterday, which was really interesting. There was a great exhibit on the Royals, a large F irst Nations exhibit, lots of BC History, and a large natural history exhibit...with a huge mastadoon!

After that, we did more shopping. :) Everything's on sale!

Loud happy family dinner at Milestones, and I discovered heaven in a Martini Glass--called a blackberrytini. YUM!

This morning, we're off to breakfast at the Empress.....and then hopefully the Undersea Garden and Wax Museum that we've been putting off each day. :)
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