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C is for Cookie....

For the last couple of years, I've thought that holding a cookie exchange would be a good idea. I'm pleased to say that I think I was right!!!

Sunday afternoon, the troops gathered, loaded with cookies at my house. We've determined that the official capacity of my living room is 11 adults. I suppose we could have put someone on the coffee table, but it was loaded with cookies.

The whole premise was that you bake X dozen of your favorite cookies (X being the number of people attending), and come and trade, so that you go home with X dozen assorted cookies. It worked! When you have 13-15 people RSVP yes, that's a lot of cookies....We decided on 12-14 dozen cookies per person, and we'd just divide them up. I have lots and lots of yummy cookies. Now, I just need to collect the rest of the recipes, and put out a little "here's what was there" booklet.

gymgeek looked at me about 6 p.m. and asked "Have you had anything to eat today?". I answered "Cookies...and cookie dough." so we went out for chinese.

And the house is mostly clean and shiny, with a minimal amount of stashing stuff in the bedroom! I'm ready to decorate for Christmas now!
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